Nearly 180K Alabamians File BP Oil Spill Claim, Attorney General Encourages Others to File

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Alabamians have less than a year to file a claim requesting compensation from the BP oil spill. There's a process to getting it done and the state's attorney general was in Huntsville making sure people know it.

The process to claim money lost to the BP oil spill began about a year ago.

"We`ve been working very hard since I have been in office to hold BP accountable for the damages caused by the oil spill a little over three years ago," said Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange.

Strange and Oil Spill Claims Administrator Patrick Juneau estimate 178,000 Alabamians have already asked for their money back.

"The program is well underway. We are continuing on a daily basis to receive additional claims. It is a massive project," said Juneau.

Both want to make sure no one in Alabama is left out when BP starts cutting checks.

Strange and Juneau want people who wonder if they can get compensation to research their eligibility online or by phone.

"It`s not a complex matter. The object is just to get educated and make a decision about what you`re going to do,' added Juneau.

"You don`t have to have a lawyer. You don`t have to have an accountant. It is really your own decision. It may be helpful to have someone you trust and can rely on to investigate that," added Strange.

The attorney general and claims administrator are pleased with how the process is going. Strange is quick to point out, Alabama is not yet done with BP.

"The beach looks great and it is great. The food is good. It is going well, but that does not make up for the fact that there was tremendous damage done to three years ago that still ripples throughout our economy," added Strange.

Claims will not be accepted after April 22, 2014. You can check your eligibility or file a claim online by clicking here. You can also dial (866) 992-6174 to get information.