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Monster Shark Caught Off California Coast

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, Ca. – (KTLA) – Some guys from Texas have quite a fish story to tell – and they’ve got pictures and video to prove it.

This week, Jason Johnston of Mesquite, Texas chartered a fishing boast in Huntington Beach, California.  He and his friends came back with a monster catch – a 1,323-pound Mako shark.

The shark is 12 feet long and has hundreds of teeth.  They caught him 15 miles off the coast, and the shark is believed to be a world-record catch.

“This thing is a killing machine,” said Johnston.  “I thought at any wrong step, I could have been taken out of the boat and to the bottom of the ocean.”

The guys used ground-up fish parts for bait.  It took them two hours to get the shark in the boat.

They planned to go back out the next day, too.

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