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World War II Veteran – “I Know What It Takes For Ole Glory to Fly.”

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - They are called America’s Greatest Generation, and many credit them with the freedom and affluence that we enjoy in the United States.

World War II veterans are quickly disappearing in our country though.

At attention next to another World War II veteran, Kenneth Dickerson stands before the stars and stripes Monday, remembering the fallen soldiers he charged next to…on Utah Beach.

“I know what it takes for ole Glory to fly,” said Kenneth Dickerson. “I don’t want to go into all that, cause it makes me, it kind of tears me up inside really.”

During World War II, Dickerson was led into battle by General George S. Patton, and  awarded five Bronze Stars for heroism and the Silver Star for his bravery during battle.

Dickerson was one of three World War II veterans able to make the memorial service at Veteran’s Park, “To see that I am not the last one, they are getting few though. They are getting few.”

He has a single message for today’s generation of young people, love your country and stand behind it.

“Be patriotic, I just can’t understand the way we are. We need to turn young children around and get them thinking like they were in World War II. If we can do that, America will be in good shape.”

According to Dickerson, he credits his wife of more than 70-years for getting him through the years following World War II.