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Job Description

BASF makes the chemistry and technology used in vehicle catalytic convertors and other environmentally smart products. Our Laboratory Technicians may be responsible for any of the following:
– Operates laboratory equipment and instruments such as centrifuge, agitators, rheometer, chemical balance scales, spectrometer, colorimeter, and other equipment.
– Generates data from a variety of laboratory techniques and analytic instrumentation, such as catalytic reactor systems, total surface area analyzers, thermo graphic gravimetric analyzers and spectrometers.
– Adheres to company procedures and work instructions and industrial standards regarding sampling and testing techniques and proper handling and preparation of samples in support of company’s environmental objectives.
– Participates in routine validation studies to replicate results and to verify results with industry or scientific standards.
– Prepares and tests routine raw materials used as ingredients in catalyst slurry production for such qualities as purity, stability, viscosity, density, chemical composition and concentration.
– Prepares and tests routine intermediate and final product samples for presence and content of elements or substances such as: hydrocarbons, organics, and impurities.
– Tests samples of manufactured products to verify conformity to specifications.
– Accesses data acquisition software and inputs test records and report results using a variety of computer software systems

Qualifications – BASF recognizes institutions of Higher Education which are accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or equivalent
– High School Diploma/GED with demonstrated enhanced math and/or science ability with 2 or more years of lab experience (and/or comprable education/experience).
– Must be able to operate machines of medium to high complexity
– Must demonstrate enhanced trouble shooting skills, problem solving, attention to detail and analytical skills
– Must demonstrate the ability to handle multi-task assignments in a fast paced environment without error.
– Strong computer skills.

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