Florence Police Patrol Town On Segways

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FLORENCE, Ala. – (WHNT) Florence Police officers can now cruise around town with a different form of transportation.  On some days, motorized Segways have taken the place of the officer’s patrol cars.

“One officer on a Segway can cover the area about six officers doing the basic foot patrol,” said Officer David Bradley with the Florence Police Department.

While these motorized scooters won’t be part of a high speed chase around town, officers say these Segways assist with a different type of police work.  The advantage is being able to put the eyes and ears of law enforcement in areas they only have limited access to in a patrol car.

“We`re able to go places we couldn`t go before, unless we get out and walk,” said Officer Bennie Johnson.  “This makes it very easy to go talk to the citizens, behind buildings, big crowds.”  Which police say gives the department an enhanced police presence in the downtown area.

“I have talked to more people in this one month and a half than I have all year,” said Johnson.

Already Florence Police leaders say it’s the community connection that makes these scooters a stand out on the streets.

While training on the scooters, officers say they have experienced some challenges when learning to ride the Segways.  Things like wet grass and steep hills have proved to be difficult to maneuver.

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