Click Picks: New Apples Coming (iPad and mini)

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Just as soon as you’ve gotten used to your new iPad, guess what?? There’s a new one coming that is thinner and sleeker.

It’s coming out along with a new mini iPad.

Read more about them and see pictures here and here. reports trial production of Apple’s 5th-generation 9.7-inch iPad will begin soon and volume production will begin in July, with monthly shipments ramping up to three million units in September.

That’s  according to sources with Taiwan’s supply chain.

The display of the new iPad — which will hit market shelves as early as September —  will be the same as the one used in the 4th-generation model, except that the new display is thinner and up to 33 percent lighter.

The new iPad will use one led light bar for back-lighting, compared to two led light bars used in 4th-generation iPad.

As for the mini iPad, the talk is it will come with a new faster processor and retina display.