Boaz Police Investigate Counterfeit Money Spent at Rec Center

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BOAZ, Ala. (WHNT) -- The Secret Service was in Marshall County over the weekend to seize some home-made money discovered by Boaz police.

Assistant police chief Todd Adams said the culprits are spending counterfeit cash around town, and instead of using fake $50 or $100 bills, but $1s, $5s, and $10s.

"Somebody wants to go to the federal penitentiary awfully bad to counterfeit a $1 bill," Adams said.  "If you come up with a $1 bill, those will very rafely be counterfeited."

Police recovered more than a dozen fake singles.  Adams said it appears the counterfeit purchases started at the Paradise Park concession stands, during youth baseball games.

"They'd go buy a hot dog, popcorn, they'd hand them a fake $1 bill or a fake $5 bill and get change. Then finally when [the Boaz recreation center] made the deposit, the bank noticed it and they got to watching closer," the assistant chief said.

Restaurants including McDonald's and Wendy's, a grocery store, and several local shops received some of the bills, and Adams said officers quickly determined some suspects.

"We were able to come up with suspects for the next time.  Warrants have been obtained but we're going to withhold those names because the Secret Service and the Boaz Police Department are working in conjunction, and we don't want to release any information until the investigation is complete because there should be more arrests forthcoming," he said.

Investigators found a few larger bills, but Adams said in his opinion they are not well done.

"I've seen better throughout the years.  A lot of them are on copy paper.  Cut very well but have the same serial numbers on them."  At least seven of the $1 bills had the serial number A20849799C and another seven had the serial number A20849790C.

Police said other counterfeit bills turned up nearby in Etowah County, but believe the issue is mostly contained to the Boaz area.  Adams encourages everyone to check their cash.