UPDATE: Two Arrested in Burglary of Huntsville Home Vacated By Death

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Last month WHNT News 19 reported the story of Julie Graham who says thieves stole hundreds of dollars worth of tools and equipment from the garage of her father's home. He had passed just weeks before leaving her feeling like she had become a victim twice.

Darrin (L) and Darrell (R) Vahary. Both Charged with 3rd degree burglary.

Darrin (L) and Darrell (R) Vahary. Both Charged with 3rd degree burglary.

Huntsville Police Investigators arrested Darrin Vahary and Darrell Vahary and charged both men with burglary.

"I was still trying to heal from the death and this on top of that made it even worse and at least I've got some closure on this," said Graham following the arrests.

She says police investigators' hard work confirmed her suspicions that her dad's belongings were taken by flooring subcontractors hired to work on his home.

"I would be very cautious about who I let in my home for home repairs and any kind of work done inside the house and in the future I'll definitely be very cautious about it."

While she may not ever see her father's items again Julie Graham says police acted swiftly using surveillance video at a local scrap yard to secure the arrests for the burglars, giving her peace of mind, and a little something for dad, too.

"Next week would be his 59th birthday and I always do something for his birthday every year so I guess this is what I did this year for him. I know he would be proud."

Julie graham says she was only able to recover 2 of the nearly 20 items stolen from her father, but says she is just glad to have some closure and that justice was served.

No bond has been set for the Vahary men and both remain in the Madison County Jail.

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