Freezer Idea on Plastic Wrap a Deal!

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Recently, we tested the Wraptastic on Deal or Dud.

We made it a Deal.  The Wraptastic is a product that allows for the smoother “rolling” of plastic, saran, or aluminum wrap.

As someone pointed out in the newsroom, we’ve all lost a battle with Saran Wrap at some point.  But the Wraptastic took care of the “smooth roll” issue.

You out the wrap in the Wraptastic, and rolled it out, and then it had a crazy sharp blade that cut the wrap easy and evenly.

It worked great.

But Joan emailed us with this.

“My Mother and I try our best to catch your segment weekly. Recently we noticed someone wanted you to test an appliance for keeping the storage wraps 'tangle free.’ Actually we do not understand why anyone would spend money on those appliances when all they have to do is put their saran wrap in the freezer. Take it out when you need to use it. Put it back into the freezer and repeat the process. I promise it will not stick to its self but will stick to the bowls perfectly. Love this! We have used this tip for many years. Shared it with many people and got our own rave reviews. Now you can get more rave reviews. The latest person we saw use this was Rachel Ray.”

So, we tried this idea and it worked great.  We put plastic wrap in a freezer for 24 hours. When we took it out a day later, the frozen sheets of plastic wrap rolled off great!

Even though we made the Wraptastic a Deal, this freezer idea works great!

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