Driving You Crazy: Steakley Road

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A rough road and a growing number of drivers using it is a definite recipe for trouble.

A situation just like that in Madison County has viewers asking us to take action.

If you drive Seakley Rd. one time yourself, you'll see why people want it fixed. Rough patches of crumbling pavement and pot holes are everywhere. For drivers who live along Steakley, it's frustrating.

David Keel, an unhappy driver, said, "I buy used cars, you know. So I want to do everything to make them last. I don't like car payments. So I’d like to keep a little work done out there to keep it from damaging it.”

Everyone WHNT talked to thinks Steakley is tough on their vehicles, but there's another problem about the road being so rough.

"It's awful driving down the road, you've got to swerve out of the potholes," said Keel.

And that is a real problem that we spotted. Some drivers do swerve to avoid hitting the rough patches.  That swerving, possibly in front of oncoming traffic, is where the danger comes in.

The situation is compounded by just how busy this county road is. Growing neighborhoods in the area are going to make Steakley get busier.

"There's gonna be issues in the future, if we don't get some things worked out here,” said Keel.

One of the things that will need to be worked out is the crumbling edge of the road in some places. Also, there are some deep ditches in other places that will make a driver pay for making a mistake.

We're Taking Action and taking this problem to county officials.

If there's a road or traffic problem driving you crazy, click here and let us know about it.

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