High School Girls Heptathlon Results

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Hoover, Ala. – St. Paul’s High School junior Shelley Spires totaled an AHSAA Heptathlon  state-record 1,979 points on the second day of competition Tuesday to finish with 4,776 points to capture the 2013 individual championship.

Spires, who finished second to St. Paul’s teammate Lacey Dent in 2012, won the long jump Tuesday with a leap of 18 feet, 1 inch, was second in the javelin competition and fourth in the 800 meters to win the title by 452 points. Amanda Dean, a senior at Mortimer Jordan, was second with 4,324 points. Dean was fourth last year.

Rounding out the top five finishers were Taylor Young of Altamont (3,933), Chanel Krause of St. Paul’s (3,924), and Sarah Stanford of Hoover (3,866).

Hoover’s Presley Weems won the 800 meters event with a time of 2:20.4 Tuesday, and Chloe White of Hoover won the  javelin with a toss of 116-06.

The Boys Decathlon Championships were still underway Tuesday.

AHSAA Heptathlon Championships
At Hoover High School
Final standings

Top 5
1. Shelley Spires, St. Paul’s, 4776 (new record).
2. Amanda Dean, Mortimer Jordan,  4324.
3. Taylor Young, Altamont, 3933.
4. Chanel Krause, St. Paul’s, 3924.
5. Sarah Sanford, Hoover, 3866.

Event Results
200-Meter Dash:
1, Elisea Jones, Baker, 25.70. 2, Amanda Dean, Mortimer Jordan, 25.76. 3,  Katie Brooks Boone, Westminster at O, 25.76. 4, Taylor Young, Altamont High  Sc, 26.26. 5, Sarah Sanford, Hoover High Scho, 26.45.

800-Meter Run: 1, Presley Weems, Hoover High Scho, 2:20.47 (New Record). 2, Tanisha Hillian, Central Phenix C, 2:24.01. 3, Brabdy Ebert, Pleasant Grove, 2:24.05. 4, Shelley  Spires, St. Paul’s High, 2:25.48. 5, Sarah Sanford, Hoover High Scho, 2:25.72.

100-Meter Hurdles: 1, Sarah Sanford, Hoover High Scho, 14.82. 2, Chanel Krause, St. Paul’s High,  15.15. 3, Kay Frazier, Auburn High Scho, 15.22. 4, Errin Perry, Hoover High, 15.31. 5, Amanda Dean, Mortimer Jordan, 15.36.

High Jump: 1, Shelley Spires, St. Paul’s High, 1.65m, (5-05). 2, Charlotte Krause, St.  Paul’s High, 1.60m, (5-03). 3, Chanel Krause, St. Paul’s High, 1.55m, (5-01).  4, Chloe White, Hoover High Scho, 1.50m, (4-11). 4, Julia Leonard, Mountain  Brook, 1.50m, (4-11). 4, Brittany Cook, Baker, 1.50m, (4-11).

Long Jump: 1, Shelley Spires, St. Paul’s High, 5.51mR, (18-01). 2, Taylor Young, Altamont  High Sc, 5.25m, (17-02.75). 3, Amanda Dean, Mortimer Jordan, 5.15m,  (16-10.75). 3, Jaleigha Hightower, Smiths Station H, 5.15m, (16-10.75). 5,  Imani Irby, Central Tusc, 5.14m, (16-10.50).

Shot Put: 1, Errin Perry, Hoover High Scho, 9.89m, (32-05.50). 2, Berta Amelinaite,  Huntsville, 9.69m, (31-09.50). 3, Mariah Pennington, Huntsville, 9.67m,  (31-08.75). 4, Chloe White, Hoover High Scho, 9.39m, (30-09.75). 5, Amanda  Dean, Mortimer Jordan, 9.05m, (29-08.25).

Javelin: 1, Chloe White, Hoover High Scho, 35.51m, (116-06) (New Record). 2, Shelley Spires, St.  Paul’s High, 32.55m, (106-09). 3, Mary Catherine Chesebro, Mountain Brook,  30.98m, (101-08). 4, Chanel Krause, St. Paul’s High, 30.59m, (100-04). 5,  Amanda Dean, Mortimer Jordan, 30.50m, (100-01).

Courtesy AHSAA Media Relations