Russellville Welcomes Gun and Ammo Manufacturers

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - The City of Russellville is standing up for The U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment: the right to bear arms.  The mayor says it's all in an attempt to bring business to the area.

Mayor David Grissom wants companies to consider Russellville, a gun friendly town.

Now the city is taking aim at a new target:  companies that manufacture firearms or ammunition.

“We are open for business in northwest Alabama,” said Mayor Grissom.

In a rare recruiting tool, Russellville Mayor David Grissom and the City Council approved a resolution stating the city supports the gun-making industry.

The mayor says he invites business leaders to take a look at Russellville when looking for places to relocate or expand.

“There are some states that don't welcome these type of industries, and we want them to know they are welcome here in Russellville and in Franklin County,” said Grissom.

According to the mayor, the infrastructure is already in place in the Russellville Industrial Park to host the companies.

“We think it's a positive, pro-active approach to economic development,” said Grissom.  “It's a little bit different than what the economic development folks normally do.”

The mayor says he's open to doing whatever it takes to attract high-paying jobs to the area.

“We don't have them now, so it can't hurt,” Grissom said.

Now, Mayor Grissom hopes other towns in Franklin County get on board in order to show a united, gun friendly front to potential developers.

Grissom has asked the Franklin County Development Committee to write letters to the major national gun and ammunition manufacturers to inform them of the city's stance.

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