Robbery Suspect Runs Away When Pharmacist Pulls Out His Own Gun

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Photo by Dion Hose, WHNT News 19

Photo by Dion Hose, WHNT News 19

Photo by Dion Hose, WHNT News 19

ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) – A pharmacist stopped a robbery in Athens on Monday morning by pulling out his own gun on the crook.

Around 8 a.m. Noah Jay Davis, 22, walked into Westside Pharmacy, at the corner of Hines Street and Market Street.  He handed the clerk a list of drugs he wanted.Davis

“He said that he had a list of drugs and he would like for me to look at,” says pharmacist Terrell Milby.  “He had questions about them.  When he looked at them, the napkin that he had, something written on, he said this is the wrong list.  And he turned around and left.”

Milby says about 20 minutes later Davis returned and this time he had found some courage.

“He came over and asked to speak to me again and he laid the napkin on the counter,” Milby says.  “The note said that he had a gun and that not to press the emergency button that he would start shooting people if I didn’t give him oxycontin, adderall and needles.”

The pharmacist tells WHNT News 19 he pulled his own gun out, scaring Davis away.

“He had his hands in his pocket, but I could tell that there wasn’t a gun in his pocket.  So I do carry one.  So I removed mine and I told him to get on the floor.  He made a motion like he was going to go down and then he turned around and ran.  He ran out the door.”

Davis ran from the store and didn’t get anything.

After obtaining a picture of Davis, a sheriff’s deputy recognized him.  Investigators went to Davis’ residence and found him asleep.

Davis has been charged with Robbery 1st Degree.  He was booked at the Athens Police Department and transferred to the county jail.

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