Secrets to Having a Green Lawn, Green Wallet

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Local dealers say lawn care equipment is much more expensive these days because of increasing costs of making the machinery, including the price of steel and other elements needed.  But there are ways to keep the costs of maintaining your lawn down.

Keeping the grass green and tidy is a requirement of many neighborhoods in the Tennessee Valley, so lawn care equipment is a must.

At Hedden Lawn and Garden in Huntsville, owner Mark Hedden has quite an assortment of new lawnmowers, weed eaters and other equipment, as well as a small lot of used mowers.

"Used equipment we normally get off someone buying a new piece of equipment," said Hedden.  "We do accept trade-ins and we'll give you fair value for your trade-in."

He and other local lawn care dealers says used equipment sells fast.

So, he keeps some inoperable machines around for their parts.

That's one way to save money: freshening up old equipment instead of replacing it.

If you can't find what you need at a local dealer, the internet is your next best friend.

WHNT NEWS 19 found a few websites, by way of, where you can find various parts for mowers and other pieces at discounted prices.

You'll find all kinds of parts on these sites.

Hedden says you can save money by the way you treat your gear, such as checking and changing air and oil filters once a year, cleaning out the underside of the mower deck, replacing spark plugs and sharpening blades.

Beware of what you're putting into your mower to make it run.  Hedden says ethanol has been known to damage equipment.

"We see more of that than anything with the ethanol problems," said Hedden.  "And to help that situation, there's additives you can add in there that will actually break down the enzymes in the ethanol.

He sells those additives which help you avoid costly repair bills.

And that's one more piece of advice Hedden shared: instead of purchasing equipment from a huge box store, try a local dealer who can give you a better machine, financed over time, with no interest fees.

"You're going to get a good warranty with them and the service and repair with them is probably going to be less, the machine's going to last longer and so through the life of that machine will cost you less," said Hedden.

Happy mowing!

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