Hostage Situation in Hartselle Ends Peacefully

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HARTSELLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A hostage situation in Hartselle came to a peaceful end Monday evening.

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin said the standoff on Rock Spring Road began after an unidentified elderly man pointed a pistol at his adult daughter. Authorities said the daughter immediately ran outside and called 911, but her father was still holding a paraplegic woman hostage inside.

Sheriff Franklin identified the gunman as the woman's caretaker, but did not reveal what may have triggered the standoff, which ended shortly later without incident.

"The daughter called [him], and found out he had laid the gun somewhere else," said Franklin. "We decided that was the time to make entry. Several of us walked into that residence, and we secured the suspect and got the weapon."

Authorities said the man involved in the standoff agreed to be committed to a nearby hospital, and will not be charged since no one was hurt. He is not being identified by authorities, who said the man showed signs of being intoxicated.

A court order will keep the man hospitalized until the next step of his treatment can be determined.

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