Couple Returns To Space Camp 25 Years After Meeting There

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Author Nicholas Sparks wrote, 'Love is like the wind. You can't see it but you can feel it.'

For one couple who met at Space Camp, that feeling started with the kick of a chair in the IMAX theatre.

"Stop kicking my chair.  You wanna get married?"

That is pretty much what happened in March of 1988 at Space Camp.  Karla, from Aurora, Illinois grew annoyed at Scott, from Santa Cruz, California kicking her chair.  He claims it was just nerves, but it sounds like it was fate.

"First night we were in the movie theatre, and I was kicking the chair just being a nervous seventh grader and a girl turned around and told me to stop kicking her chair," said Scott Lechner.

"I kept turning around and saying stop that and he wouldn't stop," said Karla Lechner.  "It turned out that we weren't in the same group at Space Camp but we became friends with each other."

Karla and Scott spent the next eight years writing letters and stealing away moments on the phone.

Scott visited Karla in her hometown in 1996 and from there, the path led to a wedding in 2000.  Recently, it led to them back to Space Camp, where they first met 25 years ago.

“Coming back here is really surreal,” said Karla.  “Especially looking around and seeing all the kids that are here for the same reason we were here.  It was exciting to see them super enthusiastic.”

“It’s been a pretty good adventure,” said Scott.  “We look back now, and it’s kinda shocking that we’ve know each other for 25 years and it started here at Space Camp.”

Scott and Karla live in Bellingham, Washington.  She teaches middle school and he is a marketing manager.

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