Family Of Hit and Run Crash Victim Wants Closure

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT)- Family of a man killed in a car crash on Interstate 65 is speaking out. Sisters of George Thomas Bolden want their brother's killer to come forward. A crash report shows another driver ran their brother's vehicle off the road.

Family members showed WHNT NEWS 19 pictures of George Thomas Bolden.

'He was close to his family. We loved him dearly. That was our older brother," said Ruth Flynn, Bolden's sister.

WHNT NEWS 19 covered Bolden's deadly crash near Ardmore. It was the place Bolden took his last breath.

"He was a sweet person. He helped everybody. You couldn`t ask for a better person than George," added Flynn.

A state trooper's crash report shows Bolden died in a crash on northbound Interstate 65 near Ardmore April 7, 2013. Bolden's family does not consider the crash an accident.

"He was run off the road. We want to know why. We want to know who did it," said Ann Irvin, Bolden's sister.

The crash reports details how an over-sized truck rear-ended Bolden's Jeep Cherokee, caused the SUV to flip several times before slamming a tree.

"I couldn`t believe it. My nephew called back and said daddy is gone," said Schuylet Robinson, Bolden's sister.

Bolden had seven children, six sisters and one brother.

"I look at his picture that I have on my phone. It just doesn`t seem like he is gone. I know in reality he is gone," added Irvin.

The grieving family knows someone else also knows.

'We pray every day that this person surrenders to police because they know what they did was wrong. They took a life," added Flynn.

The life gone belonged to a man who loved people.

"I'm not going to see my brother riding by the house. I can't pick up the phone and call him. Words can't explain," added Robinson.

George Bolden's family plans to hold a vigil celebrating Bolden's life in June.