Scrub Daddy a Deal

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The Scrub Daddy is a product that reminds me of just how much time I’ve wasted watching television, surfing Facebook, and playing computer poker.

There are plenty of smart people who are sitting on a beach because they didn’t waste time.

Scrub Daddy get soft when you run it through warm water and firm when you run it through cool water.

The inventor is a guy name Aaron Krause. Krause was actually working on a product that would help auto mechanics clean up after a day of work.   One night at home, he was on kitchen cleanup duty, and he used the product on pots and pans. It worked great and Scrub Daddy was on its way.

We got a temperature gun to test the Scrub Daddy.

We got cool water kept in the freezer that ran about 33-35 degrees.  The Scrub Daddy was soaked in the cold water and it toughened up considerably.   It cleaned a pan that we left out for a few days easily.

And this is the cool part…

We then poured hot water from the coffee maker on the Scrub Daddy that ranged between 170-180 degrees.

The Scrub Daddy softened up quickly. The theory with that is you can easily clean off shaped bowl and pans, or get in tiny corners and crevices.

You can go to the faucet for warm or cold water as needed without changing sponges or dish clothes.

We thought it was great! We loved it. The Scrub Daddy is a “Deal.”