Rogersville Detectives Track Down Leads In Bomb Threat Investigation

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ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Bomb threats to Rogersville evacuated three events around town Tuesday night.

Investigators spent hours making sure the area was clear of danger.

That checked out to be the case but the investigation is not over yet.

Rogersville detectives are now working on tracking down the suspect however that is proving to be difficult because investigators say the man used a track phone.

With no phone log or proof of purchase, detectives must go to extra lengths to trace the number and pinpoint the person responsible. However Rogersville Police Chief, Terry Holden says, those are lengths his detective will go to, in order to put the suspect behind bars.

“There`s still ways of getting caught even with these phones and eventually they will be caught,” said Holden.

After following up on several leads, Chief Holden believes the suspect was in Rogersville when the calls came into 911. According to the chief, the suspect may have even been at the event in downtown.

Chief Holden says the man on the other end of the phone line, made a direct reference an event in Rogersville when he made the call to dispatchers.

Now Rogersville detectives will turn to the FBI and Department of Homeland Security for help cracking this case.

The Rogersville police chief says, the suspect behind these bogus bomb threats will face felony charges for making a terrorist threat.