Groups Across U.S. Gather to “Pray For America”

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Dating back to the Civil War and President Abraham Lincoln, the first Thursday of May is recognized as the National Day of Prayer.

For the sixty-second consecutive year, Florence residents have gathered in Wilson Park to pray for America.

Florence Mayor Mickey Haddock prayed Thursday for government bodies: “Let us walk humbly each day, with you by our side.”

Followed by Florence Police Chief Ron Tyler praying for all first responders: “The authority that we have been given as emergency responders, ultimately comes from you.”

One by one, city leaders, spiritual leaders and members of the community stood praying for north Alabama and the nation.

“The importance lies in not just the praying, but the coming together of people, and showing the presence of the people of God coming together in unity, praying for the nation,” stated Christ Chapel Pastor Jimmy Hayes.

Hayes is co-chairman of this year’s event in Florence, and believes it`s time for our country to learn from the past, and realize how blessed our nation once was.

“Today, with the waning of our Christian faith in our society, I think it`s incredibly important that we come back to an understanding that we have Christian roots.”

As Pastor Hayes looked across Wilson Park at the bowed heads, he said he felt encouraged; strengthened by the unity his fellow Christians are showing.

It’s estimated that nearly two-million people in 35-thousand gatherings across the United States took part in Thursday’s National Day of Prayer.