Update: Boy Dies After Showing Signs Of Being Choked, Father Charged

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A sad update to a story we brought you earlier this week.  A child has died from injuries he suffered while in the care of his father.

The father, Maurice Cartwright, 33, is charged with child abuse - aggravated family.  The boy showed signs of being choked.

Cartwright received his son on Tuesday, April 30, for visitation.  Cartwright stated to police that he put his infant son down for a nap.  Later, when he returned, Cartwright told investigators that the child appeared to have trouble breathing.

Cartwright told authorities that he took his infant son to pick up another son.  He then passed the infant off to his aunt, saying he didn't know what was wrong.

The aunt immediately took the infant to the emergency room.  Upon arrival, E.R. staff observed that the child showed signs of being choked.

Following a C.T. scan, it was determined that the child was suffering from brain trauma and had severe bleeding, threatening his life.

The child had emergency surgery and later died.  The boy's name has not been released yet.