Huntsville Schools Win $16K For Bottle Cap Recycling

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Students in Huntsville schools continue to see the benefits of recycling.  Today, schools received cash prizes for recycling bottle caps.

Twenty-eight schools turned in plastic caps to Operation Green Team.  Students collected them from October to March.  In all, schools collected more than 3.2 million caps!  Students collected these from their homes, neighbors, community centers and other places.  These include soda bottle caps, milk jug caps, bottled water tops, lids to peanut butter jars, vitamin bottles, laundry detergent caps and more.

KW Plastics in Troy, Alabama uses the bottle caps and recycles them into plastic paint buckets. The company is the largest recycler of plastics in the world. Stephanie Baker, director of Market Development, thanked principals, teachers and students for their efforts, saying this type of work keeps 500 people employed.

One parent even had her husband help collect bottle caps from overseas.  Angela McGhee is the PTA President at Montview Elementary.

“It was 16,000 caps that I asked him to send me from Afghanistan, because the troops over there drink a lot of water and Gatorade and they throw all their bottle caps away,” said McGhee.  “So I said hey, help Montview out, help us win this money.”

Montview came in fifth place and won $1,000.  University Place Elementary won the competition, collecting more than 433,000 caps.  They won $1,500.

In all, the cash prizes totaled $16,100 for the 28 schools that participated.  Here is a list with the number of bottle caps collected at each school:

University Place          433,811
AAA                              307,952
Rolling Hills                  294,016
Mountain Gap               282,614
Montview                      267,622
Providence                   162,110
Highlands                     154,823
Goldsmith-Schiffman   140,352
ASFL                            139,473
Williams Elementary   138,072
Chaffee                        126,400
Monte Sano                  103,838
Hampton Cove Elem.     93,301
Chapman Schools          88,612
Farley                              77,700
Blossomwood                 71,995
McDonnell Elem.             56,538
Randolph                         53,950
Challenger Elem.             40,451
Grace Lutheran                40,112
Ridgecrest Elem.             29,350
Ed White Middle               28,434
Weatherly Heights           17,815
Lakewood Elem.              17,584
Montessori School           15,941
Martin Luther King            14,360
Challenger Middle             10,620
Williams Middle                  7,567

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