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So have you ever had a GODportunity drop in your lap?

Since answering the call to help kids in foster care through Kids to Love, we've seen a lot of them.

One of the biggest happened in January when my friend D.J. in L.A. said “Hey, you wanna come out and shoot a music video?”

Now things like this don't just happen.

That's why I took my iPad and iPhone along to capture the journey.

Lights, camera, action sounds easy... even glamorous, but Hollywood is hard work.

Lee in LA on iPad “So it's about midnight here, which is 2:00 Huntsville time, it's 38 degrees outside."

I traveled to L.A. to shoot a music video of my personal testimony song "You Rescued Me."

It tells the story of how my birth mom chose adoption, and how that decision answered my adoptive parents' prayers for a baby.

It felt more like New York City, hard to believe it’s California, and that wasn't just the cold weather.

We were filming on the New york street scene at CBS studios. Look familiar?  It's the home of CSI: New York.

Lee on iPad in L.A. "So I'm upstairs in the dressing room and I'm about to change because they're going to be ready to shoot my performance in just a few minutes"

This production was way more than me and a microphone.

Kevin: "I'm the Cinematographer."

Miguel: "I'm the first assistant director."

Maria: "The character I'm playing is the social worker who is finally bringing the baby that this couple has wanted for a very long time."

It took the creative minds of more than 20 people to turn an original song from my c-d into a music video ready for the big screen.

Lee on iPad "It's day 2 and we're back on the set and we have 2 more scenes to shoot today and then we'll be wrapped up, so we will do a whole video shoot in 2 days."  The actors portraying my parents recognized the roles they were playing, and the sincerity of the message.

Christine "it's intense.  I feel very heavy right now playing a wife that's in need of a child, so there's a lot of weight on my shoulders."

But in the midst of sharing our message, we still managed to enjoy the lighter side of Hollywood.

Nick & Christine: "We're the Cleavers."

The house in this backdrop is the same one where Leave it to Beaver was filmed, and the Brady Bunch house was just down the street.

Nat of music video: “Lord I believe, You Rescued Me”

Later this week you'll get to meet the man behind the video master piece, my friend D.J. the director.

We'll also show you how our efforts in L.A. will help foster children right here at home.

We'll be debuting the world premiere of the video a week from tonight, on May 7 at 6 pm at Monaco pictures. We'd love to have you join us, Click here for more information.

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