HEMSI Promotes Lifesaving Hands-Only CPR Technique

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - "This is something that anybody can do.  Two simple steps," says Regional EMS Coordinator Dion Schultz.

It's not difficult, but it might save a life.

You use it for a victim that's not breathing and unresponsive.

First, call 911 so paramedics can get on the move.

Second, you need to start hands-only CPR.

Schultz explains, "You're going to take your hand; you're going to take your ring finger.  You're going to put it right along the center line of the nipple line.  You're going to take the palm of your hand here, and you're going to place it right along the breast bone.  Put the second hand over the top, lean over your victim, and just go ahead and start compressions at a rate of one-hundred per minute."

Don't know how to keep the pace steady?  Don't worry.

Shultz says, "Typically, the easiest way to keep pace is to remember the song 'Staying Alive' from The Bee Gees."

Once paramedics arrive, they'll have a much better chance of saving the victim's life.

Schultz points out, "The difference can be very dramatic.  There are parts of the United States where the community is involved, and the success rate is 50 to 65 percent.  This area here, we're averaging right around 30-35 percent."

If this procedure becomes common knowledge, it could save a lot of lives.

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HEMSI is doing their best to spread the word.  They bring the dummies to many local events to offer practice and instruction.

They're also offering free presentation for businesses and workplaces.  Just contact the HEMSI office at (256) 536-6660, not 911, and HEMSI will bring materials to train employees for free.

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