Gone Fishing, Cheaper

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Fishing is a favorite past time for many Southerners and is a sport that can save you money by providing quite a few healthy and tasty dinners, if you're successful, and can be an inexpensive hobby.

It takes a person into the outdoors to escape stress and you don't have to sink your wallet to enjoy it.

Ricky Vess of Buster's Bait and Tackle in Huntsville knows all about that.

"To the common person, it's not very expensive at all," said Vess.

He said for those people who are not tournament fishermen, a day of fishing with your family can cost you less than $50, starting with the fishing pole you'll need.

"We buy, trade, sell and swap with customers," said Vess.  He showed off a fishing rod that would typically sell for $29, but said his store would sell it for $10.

And that's the way to go to save the most money: buy used equipment for a fracture of the cost of new gear and buy bulk when you can.

There are several Facebook sites offering bulk amounts of bait and tackle at cheap prices:

Click here to connect to "Fishing tackle and bait... cheap"  on Facebook.

Click here to connect to "Cheap boats and fishing gear for sale" on Facebook.

You can always make your own tackle using weights and spools of fishing line, which is stuff you can buy in bulk during the off-season.  If something breaks, don't throw it out, Super Glue it.

The other thing that can drown your wallet is gas.

Fill up your boat before you get to the lake, since marina gas prices are much higher.
And Vess has another way to save money.

"Put your boat in closer to where you're gonna be fishing at so you don't have to run it so far," he said.

You can avoid gas altogether by fishing from a canoe, kayak or standing on the banks.

If you're in the market to get a boat, look for one that's light-weight, made of aluminum or fiberglass, and less costly to operate.

If you're older than 16 years old, you have to have a fishing license in the state of Alabama for about $12.50.  And there's even a way to save on that.

On June 8th, the Department of Conservation will hold a free fishing day, during which there's no license required.

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