Kids to Love: Joycetta

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You met Lexus last week, this week I want you to meet her older sister Joycetta, and she’s in the 8th grade.  She’s looking forward to high school next year.

Joycetta shares about her grades "All the time A’s and B’s"

As a teenager, foster care is a challenge.

Lee asks "How long have you been in care?”

Joycetta answers “I think 6 years”

Lee asks “How many places?”

Joycetta answers “7”

Lee asks “7 places in 6 years?”

Joycetta answers “Yeah"

Foster care has separated Joycetta from her younger sister Lexus.

They would love to be placed together.

Their wish for a family is simple.

"Just nice people, just take care of me and my sister, that's all." Joycetta explains

Joycetta wants to be a singer when she grows up.

She likes R & B and her favorite singer is Beyoncé.

Music takes her mind off of reality, even though her favorite songs sing true to life.

Joycetta sings "I don't want to lose this relationship, wanna stay strong, don't want to move on, you know I`m sick and tired of the fighting, fussing and the cussing, but I love you... you love me too."

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