Click Picks: Microsoft Research’s “IllumiRoom”

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Microsoft Research’s latest project is called the IllumiRoom.

It’s still in the works, but would be a small, wide-angle projection box that would sit on a coffee table, facing the TV.

Get more details and see a video demonstration at by clicking HERE.

IllumiRoom would feed off all kinds of information, blowing out the whole screen to the walls, letting explosions and gunshots bleed onto the nearby walls.  Users would see objects fall off the screen and onto the floor, adding abstract reality-warping effects.

IllumiRoom would be goggle-less virtual reality.  People who play video games would basically get a giant wall TV for playing, giving them the experience of feeling as if they’re inside the world of the video game.

Again, IllumiRoom is only a research project, and likely won’t be in living rooms anytime soon.

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