‘Wraptastic’ a Deal

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First, anything that cuts like the Wraptastic has a sharp blade and if you aren’t careful, you can end up bleeding.

I nicked a finger right off the bat and that brought the Deal or Dud test to a halt while I called an ambulance and a counselor.

(Well…I didn’t really call an ambulance and a counselor but my fear of bleeding in the kitchen was heightened greatly. But I digress.)

The Wraptastic is a device that claims to keep your plastic, paper, or foil from bunching up when you try to cover a bowl, plate, or dish.

The directions aren’t great. After you buy the wrap you are using, you have to fit the roll into the Wraptastic. There are plastic moldable pieces that fit into each end of the roll. After you put those in the roll, you then put it in the Wraptastic.

You roll the wrap out, and then you push down on the top half of the Wraptastic and it cuts the roll and … (gasp) …it works.

It cost us $14.99 in home and grocery stores. But I’ve seen it for as cheap as $9.99.

We like it and make it a “Deal.”  But be careful with the blade.  In the packaging, the blade does have a protective cover.   I nicked myself taking the cover off.