U.S. Senate Deems April 2013 ‘Financial Literacy Month’

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In a time where the Senate agrees on very little, the lawmaking body did agree to Senate Resolution 105 easily.

The resolution declares April 2013 'Financial Literacy Month'.

You don't need to be printing money to know how to manage it.

Financial literacy can cover a pretty wide range of knowledge.

Investment Adviser Gary Saliba explains, "It's the handling of financial matters from banking accounts to paying your bills to understanding how investments work, how you would budget your funds."

Financial literacy covers more than trading stocks and gaming markets.

It's also about knowing the terms of your mortgage and planning for retirement.

Saliba says, "It's a difficult process to try to acquaint individuals with how money operates, and it how it should be managed and handled.  But most of all respected."

Saliba adds you won't learn those practices in school.  You have to seek that education out.

He's got a mission for people managing their finances, "Obtain as much education as they could and make it a lifelong commitment to understanding financial roles in this country and financial products.  And I think it would make their lives a lot easier as they age."