Shoals Police Departments Receive Suspicious Letters

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SHOALS, Ala. (WHNT) - At least three law enforcement agencies in the Shoals receive suspicious letters and the police officers are the target.

Now the United States Postal Inspector is investigating.

A letter sent to the Muscle Shoals Police Department raised red flags when officers noticed a strange odor coming from the envelope.

Tuscumbia and Sheffield police departments were also the recipient of possibly tainted mail.

According to police investigators, each letter was addressed to the individual law enforcement agencies but had a specific recipient: Attention-Officers.

Sources say the letters were postmarked and sent from California, but did not have a return address.  Muscle Shoals law enforcement authorities say the letter sent to their department was never opened.

Officers at Muscle Shoals PD turned the mail over to the agency's investigation division.  Detectives then sent the suspicious mail to the US Postal Inspector in Mobile.