NASA Astronaut Visits Boys & Girls Club In Decatur

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - It's a long way from the International Space Station to, say, Decatur. But not too far for Astronaut T.J. Creamer.The former mission specialist aboard the ISS made a special stop to visit the youngsters at the Boys and Girls Club of North Central Alabama in Decatur this afternoon. You could almost say it was a recruiting mission.

"Here are the kids that are investing in their time and their experiences and their learning through the Boy's and Girls Club. I've been in Boys and Girls Clubs. I've played basketball and baseball in the Boys and Girls Club. They helped establish a routine, a disclipine, a teamwork phase of my life that played part in my development in the military as well as in the space program. So for these kids right now, a little bit of the future building, a little bit of the teamwork and community effort that goes along with being a part of a large team and that's all the astronauts really are, part of a large team," says NASA Astronaut T. J. Creamer.

He talked a lot about teamwork Wednesday afternoon. Most everything he said, sharing his experience getting to the space station, his six months in orbit, and his work since then, all seemed centered around the philosophy of teamwork. Besides, the first person on Mars could be in the audience. (katelyne campbell, 6th grader)

"I want to see the texture of Mars and stuff, I just want to venture Mars," says 6th grader Katelyne Campbell.

"We're investing in the future, and part of the reason to go to Mars is all of the spinoffs that we can benefit here on Earth and all of the learning that can be done as we go through the travels there as well as living there and the return home," Creamer says. He adds,  "It's really cool one of these people could be in the next ticker-tape parade that we see in New York when they come back."

"What'd you learn?"

"It takes a team to complete a mission," answered 7th grader Antonio Brown.

Call 'em Team Boys and Girls Club of North Central Alabama.