Listening Session Sparks Army Downsize Conversation

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (WHNT) -- Big changes are coming to the United States Army and officials want to make sure the public is aware of everything happening with downsizing.

"We're going around to each of the communities, many that won't be affected, but to ensure that leadership in the army understands the impact on all the communities across the army of that downsizing," said Major General Lynn Collyar.

Downsizing was a hot topic on Wednesday at a Listening Session on Redstone Arsenal. The 2011 Budget Control Act calls for an 80,000 active-duty soldier decrease. According to General Collyar, it's a congressional mandate to downsize the number of soldiers that were served as a plus-up in 2007.

He said that downsizing in the army should not cause any major changes for military or civilian workers in the Rocket City. "My expectation is that it will have minimal effect," he said. "We don't have brigade combat teams stationed here today so we don't have a threat of losing any of those," said General Collyar.

General Collyar said that the main reason that the army holds the Listening Sessions is so that the public is aware of the processes they are taking to downsize efficiently. "We are a part of the country," he said. "We are supporting the nation, so the decision that our leaders make everyday have an impact on every local community around."