Suspected Robber Out Of Hospital After Monday’s Standoff In Florence

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - Florence Police say a man involved in a standoff with officers on Monday is out of the hospital and in jail.

Terry Donnel Hankins is charged with first-degree robbery and domestic violence.

Terry Donnel Hankins (Photo: Florence Police Dept.)

Terry Donnel Hankins (Photo: Florence Police Dept.)

According to the Lauderdale District Attorney's office, a bond revocation hearing will take place in the next day or so.  That's because he was actually out of jail on bond at the time of the standoff.

The six-hour standoff took place on South Nance Street near the intersection of College and Terrace.  Hankins was barricaded inside the home.

Police had neighbors evacuate their homes for safety reasons.

Police shot gas canisters into the home to try to get Hankins out, but he outlasted the gas for hours because he was breathing fresh air from a pipe that led to the crawl space of the home.  He finally came out around 4 p.m. after police talked with him by phone.

Hankins is a suspect in a robbery that happened Friday, April 19.  He is also accused of trying to strangle a family member.

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