Police Shed Light On McClain Arrest, Football Future In Limbo

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DECATUR, Ala.(WHNT) - Arrested yet again. Rolando McClain's latest trip behind bars is leaving the former Alabama linebacker's football future very much in doubt, with police now shedding light on the details behind his arrest.

Decatur Police said McClain's latest saga began while officers were trying to clear out a crowd of roughly 700 people at Pines Park Sunday night. Officers told WHNT News 19 that McClain began cursing and using expletives about police as the crowd dispersed, and repeatedly refused to comply with their orders to move away.

Police spokesman Lt. John Crouch said McClain also tried to physically pull away from officers two different times after being told he was under arrest.

"If he just would have gotten off the street when the officer asked him, that would've been the end of it," said Lt. Crouch. "The officer ordered him to stop, the man refused. The officer eventually caught up to him and he and another officer grabbed the man's arms and told him he was under arrest for disorderly conduct. At that point the man jerked away from the two officers, who recognized him as Rolando McClain...They had no idea who he was at the start of the encounter."

WHNT News 19 attempted to contact McClain at his house in Madison Monday afternoon, but no one appeared to be home. The Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens signed McClain to a one-year deal earlier this month, just days after he was cut by the Oakland Raiders. The Ravens have said they will withhold comment until all the facts are reviewed, but team insiders told WHNT News 19 that a decision on McClain's future could be made by the end of the week.

"They're going to make a call on him one way or the other by Thursday, and say 'we're going with him or we aren't," said Drew Forrester, a Baltimore sports talk radio host who covers the Ravens. "Because they [Baltimore Ravens] don't have a lot of money invested in him, no guaranteed money per se, it certainly makes it a lot easier for them to just cut ties with him..I must have had dozens of phone calls, bunch of emails on my show this morning, and it's mostly 'enough is enough."

Rolando McClain was also previously arrested on assault and menacing charges in Decatur in late 2011.  He was subsequently convicted of the charges, but a judge threw out the conviction on appeal later in the year when the alleged victim refused to press charges. A second arrest occurred in January when McClain was ticketed for a window tint violation and allegedly gave officers a false name. That case is still pending.

Decatur prosecutors say they will not seek to have McClain's bond revoked for this newest charge.

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