University of Alabama, Auburn University Prep Security For Spring Football

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Spring football will draw in the fans, and police believe they can keep them all safe.

The events in Boston did inspire some reexamination though.

Auburn City Police Acting Chief Paul Register says, “Any time you have something like the events in Boston, it gives you a sense of needing to reevaluate, reassess everything that you have planned, so we’ve certainly done that.  We’ve looked at everything we have in place.”

That’s from the Auburn City Police Department.

They handle the security for the spring game.

The university didn’t want to comment on security procedures, but police say they’re treating this much smaller football game like one of its larger counterparts.

Register explains, “We’re actually doing what we typically do for a larger event, which is one of the regular season games, for this A Day, which is typically a lot smaller than those bigger events.”

Over on the other side of the state at the University of Alabama, they remain tight-lipped.

The university refused to comment, even to say that the event will be safe.

Tuscaloosa police refused to speak as well, although they did tell WHNT News 19 they think their security measures are fine as-is.

Back in the land of blue and orange, police say your help makes the difference in large settings like football games.

Register reminds, “We always urge anybody to report anything that’s suspicious. Be vigilant.  Any time you see anything suspicious, report it to police, and we can determine whether it’s something of concern or not.”