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Local Marathon Runner’s Photos Used In Bombing Investigation

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Parker Smith stood on the sidelines of the Boston Marathon, intending to document his wife's big day. Instead he captured a horrible moment in history.

"If i was looking directly across, [the explosion] was about 100 feet from the finish line, from where I was standing," said Smith.

His wife, Amy, crossed the finish line just 26 minutes before the first blast occurred.

"I heard the blast. the gentleman besides me thought it was fireworks for Patriots Day and my gut feeling was that was an explosion. A few seconds later the second explosion happened"

Smith captured photos of the emergency tent, and windows blasted out by the explosion.

Then, as they made their way home on Tuesday, they were approached by the FBI and Massachusetts State Police, requesting to use Smith's photos as evidence. Smith handed over his memory card with an estimated 300 photos, several taken of the very spot the first explosion occurred.

They promised the cards would be returned, but Smith says he doesn't mind if he never gets them back.

"It would be an awesome story to know that the community provided the photographs, the evidence that helps find whoever did this."