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Arab City Council to Decide Future of Twin Lakes Golf Club

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ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) -- The Arab zoning board opposes the construction of apartments on a former golf course, but the city council will make the decision at a meeting next month.

Twin Lakes Golf Club closed two years ago, and the property owner asked the zoning board to rezone 30 acres of land from low density residential to high density residential.

That would allow a developer to construct apartment buildings on what used to be the 1st and 18th holes, but some homeowners are concerned their property values will go down.

At Tuesday's meeting, several residents expressed their opposition but no one other than the property owner and developer spoke in favor of the rezoning.

The property owner said Tuesday he considered re-opening the golf course on several occasions, but it wasn't financially feasible.  City officials said he also told the zoning board there were some prospective companies looking at coming to the area, but claimed there wasn't enough housing and that's why the apartments would be a good thing.

The zoning board voted unanimously against rezoning.

The Arab City Council is expected to decide at their May 5 meeting if they will accept the zoning board's recommendation.  They will allow additional comments from the public prior to their vote, and some residents want the city to purchase the land and either reopen the course or convert it into a public park.