Morgan County Mom Worries About School Bus Safety

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Densmore Road is in the Hulaco Community in Morgan County. Back on April 8th, a driver crested a hill, and hit a school bus that was stopped to pick up a passenger. That collision happened in front of Theresa Guzman's home, and it was her child getting on the bus. "It scares me. Especially since the wreck, I won't even leave my house till my son is on the bus," says Theresa.

It's safe to say that drivers sometimes go too fast on Densmore Road. Certainly the road has plenty of curves, but it's hills that worry Theresa Guzman. "They can't see crossing the hills on that road. They can't see what's going on as they come over the hills," says Theresa. With the school bus stopping multiple times on Densmore every school day, the trouble seeing is more than an inconvenience.

Not too far from Densmore Road you can find signs warning drivers of hidden driveways. A few miles from Densmore there's another sign cautioning drivers that a school bus stop is just over the hill. Theresa wants Densmore Road to have its own driver warnings. "Bus stop ahead of slow children, or any sign like that, that tells them just to slow down," says Theresa Guzman.

We're taking action and bringing Theresa's concerns to Morgan County officials. Signs to make drivers aware, and kids safer would seem to be an easy fix.

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