House Passes School Teacher Gun Bill for a Second Time

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) – Our news partner is reporting that the House of Representatives has for the second time passed a bill giving educators permission to carry weapons on Franklin County school campuses.

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The bill, which was designed to give some kind of security to what school system leaders describe as a sitting duck situation, was vetoed in early March by Governor Bentley.

Governor Bentley said he wanted to see more detailed information on the training of teachers to carry guns.

Franklin County School Superintendent Gary Williams says the bill was designed to arm certain educators, allowing them to control a situation until law enforcement could arrive.  Williams says this would give the students and teachers a chance for survival.

“People know that we can’t have weapons in schools to protect ourselves, and we’re just sitting ducks really,” said Williams. “Students go into the classroom and they lock the doors, then they put their heads between their knees.”

“Other systems can afford school resource officers and I’m proud for them, but we can’t. We need something that we can do to beef up our security in our schools,” Williams said.

Over the past month, educators and law enforcement have met to discuss changes to the legislation so the bill can be re-introduced in both the Senate and House.


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