Pay It Forward: Daniel Smith

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - Daniel and Kassie Smith are foster parents who have taken their love of children one step further. The Smith's have adopted the first three children they fostered and are in the process of adopting the three foster children they now have.

"We love doing it, very excited to make them a final part of our family, you know they can never be taken away, they're ours...we love them so much," said Daniel Smith.

Daniel and Kassie weren't sure they would be allowed to foster children because of their young age, but the foster system has allowed them to foster children just because of the dramatic positive changes they have seen in the children after being in the Smiths' home for a short amount time.

Daniel credits the ability to help these children all to the love of God that has been shown to him, and how easy it is to reciprocate that love.

He is a worship leader with his church and has a ministry team that travels all over north Alabama and southern Tennessee working with teens.

"We tell them listen, you are a son and daughter of Jesus Christ, a son and daughter of God and you are worth way more than you can ever imagine," said Daniel.

Kassie and Daniel were overcome by the Pay It Forward.

"This helps so much, it helps to go to provide food and shelter and everything that we need," said Daniel.

"It's phenomenal," said Kassie.  "The people of God and how God provides in the most extraordinary ways."

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