Analyst: Bentley Way Out In Front To Start Governor’s Race

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Governor Robert Bentley is rarely seen with a hat, and that may be because he keeps it in the ring.

Bentley announced he'll seek another term as governor.

WHNT News 19 Political Analyst Jess Brown says, "While he's had no big victories, he's probably made no big mistakes.  Apparently he enjoys being governor."

Brown says Governor Bentley will almost certainly take the frontrunners position in the Republican party, "Unless we have a dramatic turn of events, I think Governor Bentley may be somewhat anointed as the Republican nominee in 2014."

That leaves Bentley sitting pretty for the election, as voters in Alabama tend to trend Republican.

It's still a long way until Election Day, but if you're going to put some money down, Brown says the safe bet is already clear, "At this point, I wouldn't bet the farm on any political candidate for any race, but if you're a wagering person, you'd certainly give good odds today that Governor Bentley is in pretty good shape for reelection."