Non-Profit Works To Serve Adults With Developmental Disabilities

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Behind the walls of 305 8th Street is a family, however unconventional. The home for adults with developmental disabilities serves 19 adults, with 16 living in the home full-time.

The non-profit serves a part of the community that falls through the cracks of government assistance, and is often overlooked by their own community.

"I think mostly in their inner circles people are keenly aware, but as far as the community you don`t see these people in your school building, you don`t see them everywhere," said Andrea Williams, Executive Director of 305 8th Street.

At a fundraiser Sunday, the community was invited to spend the day with the family. The goal was to raise $10,000, with nearly half of that raised before the event even began.

Donated items and art, painted by the residents, were sold in a silent auction.

But while the house was packed, the Blue jeans and Bluegrass BBQ marked the beginning of a slow season for the non-profit. Donations  slow down between April and September for 305 8th street, while the need stays the same.

Items we take for granted every day, like cleaning supplies and hygiene products, are often what they need the most.

"We need the community because it`s not fair for individuals who cannot take care of themselves to not have someone take care of them. That`s why we exist," said Williams.

305 8th Street has an open door policy, and invites the community to stop in and meet the residents and see the work they are doing first hand.

More information on how you can help the non-profit can be found on their website.