Don’t Plant Tender Flowers & Veggies Just Yet

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Master gardeners, professionals, and even amateurs (like me) know it’s usually not totally safe to set out tender garden plants like tomatoes and a lot of springtime flowers until after April 15th. That’s the usual last frost of the season for most of the Tennessee Valley region. “Usually” means that it is not always the case.

Last year, the final frost came early. This year, it’s looking like there may be some potential of frost right up through the end of the month. In other words, if you’re planting this weekend, be ready to take care of those plants if this cold snap is as cold as it looks now.

This weather pattern we’re in now is suggestive of another round of rain and thunderstorms late next week followed by a cold snap that could get us close to frost territory by Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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