Local School Sends Rubber Ducks to Sandy Hook

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Yellow rubber ducks are putting smiles back on the faces of students at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Students right here in the Tennessee Valley are making sure those ducks continue to serve their purpose.

"An SRO officer at Sandy Hook received a box of ducks earlier and decided to put them throughout the school," said Kathy Miller. "The kids loved it."

Miller is the assistant principal at West Madison Elementary School. She is working with faculty and students at the school in effort to keep the smiles up at Sandy Hook. Starting next week, students can buy a rubber duck that will be sent to Sandy Hook Elementary.

"They will write their name or write something that will make the children feel good when they find one," said Robert Wood, a West Madison student. Wood pointed out that the rubber ducks being sent to Sandy Hook are all printed with "Madison, Alabama" on the bottom, so the students know where they came from.

The "Ducks of Sandy Hook" help bring a ray of light that's been missing from the school since the tragic shooting in 2012. "They will remember it their whole life," said Ben Redmill, a West Madison student. "They need something to take their mind off of it and that's what the ducks will do."

"It's just a kid thing," said Kathy Miller. "Those kids need to have a childhood, they need to get their childhood back and I think having these ducks will help."

It's a concept that the students at West Madison Elementary School understand. Cheryl Bailey is a second grade teacher at the school and is helping organize the "Buy a Duck for a Buck" project. "The students thought, 'we don't get to keep the duck?' and after I explained that the other students need it more than we do, they said okay," said Bailey. "These kids understand that it's about giving and not having."

West Madison Elementary has around 500 ducks to send to Sandy Hook. Students can purchase them for one dollar starting April 15th. All proceeds raised will also be sent to the school so they can continue the fun tradition.

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