Pollen Profiteers: Allergy Season Means Big Bucks For Local Car Wash

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- With spring and a high pollen count many may be struggling to breathe, scratching their eyes out or sneezing their heads off. But when some business owners see the yellow stuff, they also see dollar signs.

There is not a vehicle in the land that can pass the white glove test right now. Lee's Magic Tunnel Car Wash in Huntsville has survived 45 allergy seasons on South Memorial Parkway and these pollen profiteers continue to rake in the dough daily .

"People have sinus problems and the first thing they want to do is get the pollen off their cars and try to keep it off until the pollen is gone," says Lee's owner Charles Brown.

Employees at the tunnel have to put in plenty of elbow grease to give clients that new car gleam but the persistence of pollen definitely creates some repeat customers.
Try as some may, a car wash--in Alabama--in April--definitely a lesson in business economics and futility.

"Yes that is true," jokes Brown, "there are a lot of times when pollen is back on the cars before they even leave the parking lot."

Charles Brown says people are so obsessed with keeping a spotless car sometimes they see the same customer twice in one week--which of course means double dividends for Lee's Magic Tunnel.

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