‘Clothesline’ Art Display Raises Awareness Of Sexual Violence

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A place known to offer help to sexual assault victims is partnering with area college students to prevent something that should stop with the word 'no.'

The U.S. Department of Justice believes 89,000 people are raped in our country each year. The agency did the math in 2012 and found 15% of those rapes happen on college campuses.

"The Clothesline Campaign is a week-long event at the University of Alabama in Huntsville," said Monique Broulliette.

Broulliette helps rape victims who come to her office at Crisis Services of North Alabama. She's taking her job on the road this week.

"What we hope we are doing is really breaking of the silence surrounding some of the sexual assault and sexual violence. We are putting a message out there that doesn't require people to have to sit and discuss a topic they are uncomfortable with," added Broulliette.

The Clothesline Campaign is an art display of shirts worn and drawn by rape victims or anyone opposed to rape. Many at the UAHuntsville have used a pen to help right a wrong.

"I think the messages of support and awareness are very genuine and really show camaraderie here at UAH," added Broulliette.

Frederick Bass is part of the school's Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. He wrote a message to raise awareness about sexual violence and another issue.

"I do not believe bullying is a good thing. I believe it is evil. If more people stand together against bullying, potentially we can stop it," added Bass.

This is UAHuntsville's second year hosting the Clothesline Campaign. You can see the display in the school's university center until Friday.

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