Guntersville Restaurant Gets Approval To Expand Liquor License

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A popular bar and grill in Guntersville wants to expand its popularity outside and take advantage of its location on the lake.

The issue has gotten complaints from some neighbors worried about the noise.  However, it's also received some support from a country music artist.

The restaurant 'Somewhere on the River', also known as 'Somewhere' has a beautiful view of the lake, and wants to take advantage of it.

The owner, Morris 'Bubba' Thurman, has wanted to expand the restaurant's liquor license to cover the back parking lot and the dock.

"We are not trying to have an outdoor concert every night of the week," said Thurman.  "We simply want to offer the boaters, tourists who come to down a place to pull up, dock their boats and nice dinner, a meal and a drink if they so choose."

Thurman took his request to the Guntersville City Council on Monday.  But some of those who live nearby oppose the plan of expanding the restaurant's license.

"I would have never dreamed we would have to be fighting the noise of having a bar in our backyard," said Martha Bryant.

But Thurman also had some celebrity power on his side.  Singer Jeff Cook, of Alabama fame, now lives in Guntersville and supports Thurman.

While he didn't speak to the council, his presence, along with far more supporters than opponents, had sway over the council.

The council granted Thurman's license expansion.  One council member abstained.

The council told Thurman the Guntersville Police Department will keep a close eye on the business to make sure it doesn't violate city sound ordinances.

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