Active Shooter Drill At Huntsville Hospital ‘A Success’

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- When it comes to hospitals, status quo is simply not acceptable. Medical professionals have to be prepared for anything and that often means disaster. Huntsville Hospital put itself to the test Wednesday morning all in the name of safety.

The hospital performs multiple disaster drills each year; all of them deal with community disaster scenarios that could happen outside the hospital--that is, until Wednesday.

"Today we did a drill where the disaster was actually within our own facility," explains hospital spokesman Burr Ingram.

Huntsville Hospital allowed a threatening intruder scenario to play out testing response at every inch of the campus.

"So we tested our security, we tested our communication, we tested our medical preparation in the event of injuries if it were to occur within our own facility," Ingram says.

Hospital officials kept the drill hush until right before the action took place.

"We issued several overhead announcements that we were conducting an emergency drill within the facility and we drill about 50 times so it was clear we didn't send the wrong impression."

The result? Ingram says a beneficial and necessary learning opportunity for everyone involved.

"There are always factors that you may not have thought of that won't be necessarily in the protocols and policies," explains Ingram, "and in that instance you have to use your best professional judgment."

Burr Ingram calls the drill a success and says this type of exercise is something the hospital plans to add to its preparedness drill repertoire in the future.

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