Uninhabited House and Unkept Yard Causes Anxiety for South Huntsville Homeowner

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A south Huntsville homeowner is having issues with a home in his neighborhood. Bushes and trees crowd the property across from the homeowner. No one seems to be taking care of the home. Bill Dunn emailed WHNT NEWS 19 asking for help.

Dunn calls the home across from his undesirable. He says no one has lived in the home for seven years. Dunn has even tried doing the neighborly thing to trim it back himself, but can't. He is selling his home, but thinks the neglect across the street is turning people away.

"There has never been anyone to live there the whole time I have been here," said Dunn.

Dunn says that is the problem. He's lived on Cecile Drive for years. His complaint is focused just across the street from his home.

"I am thinking about selling my house and it is hurting the neighborhood. It is going to hurt me being able to sell my home," added Dunn.

Neighbors told Dunn no one has lived in the home seven years. Someone is clearly managing the lawn, but Dunn feels the overgrown bushes, sprawling trees and missing shingles need to be dealt with. Dunn contacted the city of Huntsville.

"They sent someone out here, walked around the house, but I never heard anything," added Dunn.

Dunn takes it the city can't do anything about the home.

"I don't know what might be wrong, or if it meets the city ordinance. I just know, you would think there was something they could have done," added Dunn.

WHNT NEWS 19 emailed the city's Department of Community Development to find out what's going on.

An inspector replied:

"We did inspect the property. It has some trees and shrubbery that need to be manicured, but not any code violations that we could issue notices on."

"I don't care about the ordinance. I think it is an eyesore. I think if the city can't do something, somebody should contact the owner," added Dunn.

Contacting the owner doesn't sound like bad idea. Dunn would if he could and that's where WHNT NEWS 19 comes in. WHNT NEWS 19 discovered Sam and Sandy Baker own the property. WHNT NEWS 19 found a number for them, dialed it but never got anyone. A voicemail attached to the number was full.

The look of this home from the outside suggests no one lives there, but inspectors with the city of Huntsville don't call the home abandoned. A running meter outside the home is the reason.

The city inspector doesn't consider the abandoned since there is active utility service connected to the home.

WHNT NEWS 19 tried getting information from Huntsville Utilities about who's paying for the electricity in the home. The utility company could not comment. They say customer information is confidential and they are not able to confirm if a property has active service.

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