Local Brewery To Hold Event To Garner Support For State Home Brewing Bill

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Over the years Alabama has legalized brew pubs, increased the alcohol by volume allowed for sale,  and legalized 22 ounce containers of beer. Now home brewing is seen as the last frontier.

"Change is very slow in Alabama, especially when it comes to alcohol laws," said Rich Partain, with local Huntsville brewery Straight to Ale. "Most states legalized home brewing in the mid-seventies."

Recently Mississippi became the 49th state to legalize home brewing. Leaving Alabama as the last state in the Union to ban people from brewing beer in their homes.

Why the slow progress? According to Representative Mike Ball, a supporter of House Bill 9, misconceptions about home brewing.

"Homebrewers are not like moonshiners up in the mountains," said Ball. "It`s mostly hobbiests, or people who are interested in the chemical process. It`s just a hobby."

It`s a hobby that can often lead to a profession. Such is the case with the brewers at Straight to Ale.

"Most professional brewers start out as home brewers. Everywhere but Alabama that`s perfectly legal," said Partain.

Straight to Ale has invited local home brewers to come legally brew some of their recipes at Straight to Ale's facility on Saturday March 30th. Twenty-four home brewers will be offering samples of their craft beers to the public.

The event starts at 2 p.m. at Straight to Ale's brewery on Leeman Ferry Road.

If you want to encourage your legislator to vote for or against House Bill 9 you can at Alabama Home Brewing's website.

The home brewing bill is sponsored by Representative Mac McCutcheon and is scheduled to be brought up for a vote on Tuesday April 2nd.

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